How do I add my websites?

"How do I add my websites?"

Go to the "My Websites" page under the Advertising menu and add the website you want to advertise there. Upgraded members have the benefit of adding more websites to get more traffic.

Each URL will get the same amount of hits, unless you limit traffic delivery. If you leave "Max Hits per hour" at 0, there will be no limit and delivery will be made as quickly as possible.

When you have added your link it will be manually checked by the admin, usually within a few hours. You can still assign credits to a website that is pending approval. As soon as it is activated, you will start getting traffic.

If your website doesn't break the URL rules, it will be approved. If your website doesn't appear in a frame (such as social media or Youtube links) or if it violates the URL rules, it will not be approved. Only sites that support HTTPS is allowed, and no rotators of any type are allowed except for Supersplashes.

There is also an option to transfer credits between your websites at the bottom of the "My Websites" page.