Change email address, username or password

"How do I change my username, email address or password?"

To change your username, go to "Account Settings" under the Account menu. Simply enter your new username, password, email or whatever you want to change and click Update at the bottom of the page. Leave the Password field blank unless you are changing the password.

You can change several things in your Account Settings at the same time, so if you want to change password, email or other details at the same time, just fill them in before you click update. After changing any of these details, you will need to log in again.

You do not need to have access to your old email address to be able to change it to a new one. Once you have changed your email address, you will get a new verification link instantly sent to the new email address. Please make sure you have Whitelisted Click your new verification link, and you can log in again.

Usernames have these requirements:

-It can be one name or several names with spaces, for example “Jenny” or “Jenny Smith”.

-You can’t use any special characters in your username. For example, “Jenny’s blog” or “Jenny & Brent” will not work.

-You can not pick a username that consists only of numbers, it needs at least one letter too.

If you have changed your username to something with just numbers or special characters, please send a ticket and we will change it for you.

If you have accidentally entered an incorrect email, or if you aren’t using a Gmail address and the verification link is blocked by the email provider, send a ticket with the correct email address you want to use and we will fix it.