I lost my password

"I lost my password"

If you can’t remember your password or your username,  click “Resend login details” on the page where you log in. Enter the email address you used when you signed for Harvest Traffic Coop in the “Email address” box. You will get a message on the screen saying that a new password has been sent.

If however it is an email address that doesn’t exist in our system, it will show a message saying that we were unable to locate your email address. This means that it is not the email you have used when you registered your account, or it was not entered correctly in the “Email address” field.

The mail with a new password will instantly sent to the email address you registered with, and it will say your username and give you a new password you can log in with. Check your spam folder if you can’t see the email, and also preferably Whitelist admin@harvesttraffic.com.

If you want to change the password, first log in with it once and then go to “Account Settings” page under the “Account” menu and chose a new password.

If you can’t log in, and you just return to the login page when you enter your login details, it means that something in either the username or password is incorrect. Simply click the Resend login details” link on the login page to get new login details as explained above. You can change them at any time.