How do I cancel my upgrade subscription?

"How do I cancel my upgrade subscription?"

There are two types of subscriptions, one where you paid with card, or one where you use funds in your Piggy Bank.

If you have a card subscription and want to cancel it, go to the "Upgrade" page under the Account menu. If you have an active monthly subscription, you will see this information on the top of the page:

You have an active card subscription:

  Plan          Action

HT_790       Cancel

The word "Cancel" is a link that you can click, and if you do the subscription will be cancelled so that no money will be charged from your card again. That is all you need to do.

If you have a subscription through the Piggy Bank, you will be able to see and manage it from the "Piggy Bank" page under the Account menu. On top of the page, there is an area with Subscriptions. If you have an active subscription through your Piggy Bank, it will be listed there with a button to cancel it. If you click the button, the subscription will cancel.

No matter which of the options you have used to pay, you can cancel your upgrade subscription at any time and it won't affect the duration of your upgrade. For example, if you have 3 weeks remaining on your upgrade when you cancel, you will still have those 3 weeks since you already paid for them.