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How Harvest Traffic Coop works

What is a Traffic Coop?

Harvest Traffic Coop is a great tool for those of you who surf in just one or a few traffic exchanges,
because it lets you advertise in hundreds of other traffic exchanges and viral mailers with no extra effort.

When you advertise your Coop link you will earn credits. When you assign the credits you have earned to your website, it will display in other people's Coop links on all the traffic sources. So even if you don't advertise directly in a traffic source, another member here definitely does and that means your ads will be displayed there too.

What is the Coop link?

Your Coop link is the link you can advertise in traffic exchanges and mailers to earn credits for your websites. It always displays another Harvest Traffic Coop member's ad, since that is how ads are distributed in all traffic exchanges. Other members will display your websites when they promote their Coop link. The Coop link displays the Harvest Traffic Coop top frame, and a website inside. The top frame has your referral ID attached to it.

Click here for instructions on how to advertise with Harvest Traffic Coop