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How to use Harvest Traffic Coop

How do I use a Traffic Coop?

Using a Traffic Coop is easier than you might think! Just follow these simple four steps and you will gain traffic from hundreds of traffic exchanges and viral mailers.

1. Add the websites you want to advertise

Add the websites you want to advertise in Harvest Traffic Coop on the "My websites" page under Advertising - My Ads. You can also select to limit the amount of traffic you want per hour, if you wish to do so. If you leave the "Max Hits per hour" field at 0, traffic will be delivered as fast as possible. Your websites will be checked manually before they get approved, usually within a few hours.

You can also block any other traffic sources if you want to. For example, if you promote a Hungry For Hits referral link, you might not want it to display in people's coop frames inside Hungry For Hits. If you click "Block Source" next to your website, enter a few letters of the source you want to block, and it will automatically come up in the traffic source list. Select it and click Block. You can remove the block at any time, and this is specific for each of your URLs.

2. Advertise your Harvest Traffic Coop link to earn credits.

To earn credits in Harvest Traffic Coop, simply advertise your Coop link in manual traffic exchanges, viral mailers or other types of advertising sites. You will not earn credits by advertising it in the blocked sources (other traffic coops, autosurfs and poor bulk traffic sources). When you advertise the Coop link, it will display another Harvest Traffic Coop member's site and you will earn credits for displaying it. Free members earn 0.5 credits for each time they display their Coop link, and upgraded members earn 1 credit for each time it is displayed.

Each time you advertise your Coop link, it will display a different website. It will not display your own website when you promote your Coop link, but you will earn credits to advertise your website. When other Harvest Traffic Coop members advertise their Coop links to earn credits, they will advertise your websites (and everyone else's except for their own).

Your Coop link has to show for at least 3 seconds for you to earn credits. But if your website comes up in another person's Coop link that is advertised in a source with a timer that is less than 3 seconds, you don't lose any credit for displaying your website. The Coop link has to be inside an advertising site with a surf or mailer frame to display.

3. Assign credits to your website

Once you have gathered some credits by advertising your Coop link, you can assign them to your website. Your website will then be displayed when other people promote their Coop links, in any of the hundreds of traffic sources they might use. Your website will display in manual traffic exchanges, viral mailers, PTCs or other types of advertising sites. There are some traffic sources that are automatically blocked: other traffic coops, autosurfs and poor quality bulk traffic sources.

4. Check stats

To see how much traffic and from which sources you are getting traffic, click Stats next to your website. You will see total stats for 1 day, 1 month and all time. If you click "View" next to a traffic source, you can also see more in detail, for example which date and time someone saw your website.

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