Card payment was declined

"My card payment isn't going through even though my card is valid and has sufficient funds."

If your payment doesn't go through, most of the times your it is because the bank you are using is declining the payment and returns this decline code to us:


This response means that the bank that issued your card is declining the transaction for unspecified reasons. It doesn't necessarily indicate that there is a problem with the card. However, it does indicate that the bank won't approve this transaction - most likely due to your personal limits regarding purchases abroad or online. The purchase to us takes place in Italy, Europe.

We can't see the reason for why it was not allowed. It is most likely that you have some sort of area restriction to where your card can be used, or if it is open for payments online. Contact your bank to find out why your purchase was declined, as there is nothing we can do to authorize the payment from our side.